Bunions or ‘Hallux Valgus’

Your big toes hurt, you got bunions, and those strappy high heels kill you..

Seems like you got ‘Hallux Valgus‘ and your toes look like the pic below

Well its mostly a combination of genetics and footwear (and a few other causes).

Its almost exclusively a problem of the shoe-wearing races (exceedingly rare in barefoot tribes).

So wear shoes with a broad toe-box or something like the ‘kohlapuri’ sandal (see pic)

..keeps the big toe where its supposed to be eh?

High heels and pointy toes may look great but they won’t do the bunions any good. Wear comfortable shoes to the party, change shoes for the duration of the party and remove the fashionable shoes as soon as possible!

Surgery is indicated only for pain, worsening deformity and difficulty in wearing shoes etc.

Surgery is NEVER to be undertaken for cosmetic purposes.

And before I forget.. Dump those splints; (pic) they don’t work, are expensive and of course, uncomfortable!

Who you gonna call? (HINT: your friendly neighbourhood orthopod..)


About Muzammil's Orthopaedics

Your friendly neighbourhood orthopod.
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