How 2010 was important for your health..

Midnight of 31st December will ring in 2011 amid much revelry. The bygone year however left much to ponder in medicine. Briefly:

  1. Propoxyphene, a painkiller, was linked with potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities and withdrawn. Drugs like Algaphan, Diagesic, Distalgesic, Depragesic, Femidol, Darvon etc contain propoxyphene and need to be avoided/changed.
  2. HbA1c is a better test to screen for diabetes according to new guidelines and would lead to earlier diagnosis and fewer missed diagnoses.
  3. Calcium supplements taken without Vitamin D may increase the risk of heart attack by up to 30%. So take Vit D with your calcium tablet!
  4. Tramadol (Tramal, Adolan, Campex, Merlon, Tramagesic etc.), a commonly used morphine-like painkiller, is not only habit forming but linked to a higher risk of suicide!
  5. Chocolate may be good for you! Consumption of chocolate may decrease the incidence of stroke and stroke related death.
  6. Codeine (Codagesic, Napadoc, Paracod, Paracodeine etc), a common morphine-like painkiller used for 6 months is linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular (heart) events. Use for as little as 30 days is linked to a higher risk of death from all causes. Especially to be avoided in the elderly.

With best wishes for a happy and risk-free new year from your friendly neighbourhood orthopod!


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