Joint Injections in Osteoarthritis

Did you know?

Steroid injection into the knee provides relief for 1 week on average.

3,5 or up to 7 ‘Hyalgan’ or ‘Synvisc’ injections given into the knee at weekly intervals act like oil in a rusty joint and ease symptoms on average slightly longer than steroid injections.

You may not feel the benefit of injection before a week or two. So be patient.

Relief obtained is variable and a minority will admit to no benefit.

Joint injections can be dangerous in the presence of poorly controlled diabetes, tuberculosis or any serious infection anywhere in the body, therefore you will often be asked for a blood/urine test to rule out such diseases before joint injections are given.

Hyalgan/Synvisc is made from chicken ‘combs’ so you may not be able to tolerate them if allergic to chicken or eggs.

Only qualified personnel can safely administer injections into joints.


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