Managing your Osteoarthritis: Its easy!

Disclaimer first: Don’t treat yourself. See your doctor (that would be me) to rule out anything more serious. All interventions assume there are no cardiac or other serious conditions.

Remember: Osteoarthritis damage is NOT reversible by any medicine here or abroad!

Understand: More than 90% management is non-medical and IN YOUR HANDS. Losing weight and exercise will delay disease progress and improve symptoms. Avoid stressing the involved joints – Yes, you can’t play squash or football. Start golf! Switching doctors will only get you different painkillers (and ulcers).

Now take a look at the image:

Interventions in green will prove most effective and carry no risk. Yellow are effective and carry mild to moderate risk in the long term. Red are also either less effective OR carry higher risk.

Bottomline: Lose that weight. Go out for a walk (daily). Wear good shoes for that walk. Take paracetamol/tylenol for the pain and use a painkiller ointment/cream on the joint.

Now switch off this machine and go out for that walk already..!


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