Buying a new sports shoe?

Good sports/walking/jogging shoes are an investment towards your joints so invest wisely.On the high end this is a multi-billion dollar industry with shoe names that would be more appropriate for fighter jets or lunar probes. The big brands complicate choosing a shoe like it’s rocket science.

On the other hand is the cheapo Chinese knockoff that is murder on your heels and arches.

What to do? Read on:

Firstly, don’t be a cheapskate and set aside about 3-5 k (rupees) for your shoe.

  • Flex the sole of the shoe. It should have a crease/flex zone where the ball of your foot will rest. It should not flex midway at the arch level.
  • Press into the sole with your thumb and try flexing the sole SIDE TO SIDE by pressing on both sides of the shoe. If the sole is too soft your foot will feel each pebble on the road. Stay away from such shoes.
  • Press the heel cup/from side to side and from behind inwards. It should be firm with some give but not rigid.
  • After lacing up your shoe should have about a thumbnail’s worth of space to spare after the toes and should NOT be a snug fit. The heel however should not piston in and out.
  • Try before you buy until the salespeople cry!
  • Walk all over the shoe store in your shoes. Sports shoes should be comfortable from the word go. If they don’t feel right at this time, they never will! Which is also why you should NEVER ask someone to get you a sports shoe from abroad.

The most expensive shoe is not necessarily the best. Check for the features above and then try out all shoes with these features until you find the one most comfortable for you.
Among Pakistani sports shoes the ‘Cheetah’ is barely tolerable. All others have crap soles and should be avoided (I’m open to correction here). Cheapo Chinese/Thai etc shoes are worthless. Don’t throw your money on them.

Finally. Sports shoe soles have a life. You need to change them in 6 months to a year depending upon exercise levels and your weight. Happy running!


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