Ladees and Jantermen..

Now after ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’, muzammil’s ortho will be blogging here off and on. Stay tuned..


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2 Responses to Ladees and Jantermen..

  1. Ayesha says:

    This is great stuff. I would encourage your intenists or “medical specialists” to read your blog regularly as well. Knee OA, chronic back pain and carpal tunnel are extremely common in general practice. However, sadly, very few internists know how to deal with them. It would be helpful if you could comment on aqua therapy and different type of stregnthening exercises to support the major weight bearing joints i.e the knees and hips. My two pence worth: a recent study showed massage and pilates to have significant impact on improving back pain and I do suggest this to my patients. Your opinion?

  2. Aquatherapy is great if you have access to a pool. The only aquatherapy we get is during floods..! As for back pain, there’s a gazillion studies out there. Back pain has a huge psychological overlay. There are plenty confounding factors like secondary gain (emotional, physical and financial), multiple therapies, varying degrees of perceived severity and the presence or absence of sciatica.
    Bottomline: You cannot make a back pain patient well unless he/she wants to be well; pilates or no pilates!

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